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Student Testimonials

student testimonialI can't say enough about your mold course! I had never taken an online course before but yours truly was a pleasure! Everything was THERE, right down to the mold inspection report forms! I also appreciate your quick responses to my questions. The course was an incredible value and I have to say I've found that 'mold IS gold.' When you offer a mold inspection, your clients jump on it nearly every time.
T.C. Chicago

I am a natural skeptic, but from start to finish, PMII's course was exactly as advertised. I learned each step of a mold inspection and how to present my findings. I am happy to say that as a home inspector I now perform mold inspections for numerous houses I inspect. It is a definitely a competitive advantage!
J.W., Indianapolis

I'm a California home inspector and I can't believe how fast mold inspections have taken off here. I actually had a number of clients asking if I inspected for mold, which of course I didn't. To stay competitive I looked into mold inspection schools and found yours to be exactly what I was looking for. Your service was excellent, along with your professional report software. In just two weeks I was up to speed and offering this great service to my clients as an additional inspection for a separate fee. Now I'm the one recommending mold inspections to clients! Thanks for putting this all together!
B.J., L.A. County

An excellent, quality learning experience! Once again I am impressed with the quality of your training techniques and materials! I appreciate the step-by-step process you use to help beginners.
R.L., Chicago

I looked at a lot of other courses and I couldn't find a better deal for the money, but what impressed me most was the customer service. Your student support was very thorough and detailed in responded to my questions.
C.W., Boulder, CO

Your instructors are well-qualified and understand how to train students to find defects. I was most impressed with your report creator software.
P.R., Atlanta

I have experience with general contracting and new construction inspection, and I finished your course quickly and became certified. Your course was exactly what I needed to get started.
R.H., New York

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