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inspection report creator

How It Works

Product Tour: Overview

Mold Inspection Report Creator is cloud-based report software that helps you create quality reports for your clients using any connected mobile device. Each report template is designed specifically for its type of inspection and comes with online access and toll free support. Reports can be created and viewed from any computer or mobile device connected to the Internet. You can collect your report data immediately and print on-site or later at your office.

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Intuitive, Adaptive and Efficient

Inspection Report Creator contains an intuitive menu system that keeps you within a few mouse clicks of any component, so you can finish your report efficiently. You also have access to an extensive auto comment library and an invoicing system.

IRC anticipates the typical problems found with mold and water damage and helps write the report based on your answers to simple "yes or no" questions. This increases your report thoroughness and helps prevent omissions. You can also insert and save pre-written narratives that you design and use with all your following inspections.

As you fill out the report, the data is saved automatically into a secure online database so you never have to worry about losing any of your inspection information when you are out in the field -- even if you were to lose your computer or mobile device or your office computer was destroyed. An included checklist form can be used to collect data if you are offline.

Once the inspection is finished, you can print the report for your client, email them a link to view the report online, or save the report as a PDF. You can also go back to your office or home and review and edit the report first from any computer. Inspection Report Creator makes it easy to generate your report to meet the industry standard.

Adds Convenience to Report Writing

  • Access any report, from anywhere, at anytime from any device with your username & password
  • Use it on any PC, laptop, tablet, mobile device, iPhone, iPad, Android phone, etc.
  • Printable customized checklist for in-field data collection
  • Unlimited photos
  • Unlimited custom forms
  • Toll-free support

A Better Bottom Line

We have the best price point in the industry for a cloud-based report system. Others charge roughly three times more for a comparable system, along with a higher annual fee for cloud storage. We give you everything you need for one reasonable price. Like everything we offer, there are no sales gimmicks with PHII. We offer everyone the best value everyday without fail, we don't solicit your personal information for marketing, and we respect your privacy.

  • IRC Standard Version includes any 1-Report $199 Lifetime License
  • IRC Professional Version includes ALL Reports $499 Lifetime License
  • There is a $199 annual fee for either version to host your reports and store your data

Student Discounts

We look out for our students. If you are taking our mold inspection certification course, the 1-Report $199 Lifetime License Standard Version is yours free along with 1-year of cloud services! In addition, current students can upgrade to the ALL Reports Professional Version for just $199!

Inspection Report Creator - The Leader in Cloud-Based Report Software
Time-saving features, ease of use, and powerful performance. Take complete control of report writing, editing and printing from anywhere on any computer or mobile device!

How It Works