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Mold Inspection and Remediation Equipment

PMII works with many vendors to offer our students the best mold inspection equipment and supplies at the lowest possible prices, sometimes at half the price that other companies charge. We only offer equipment that is high quality, affordable, practical, and typical for the average mold inspection professional.

Some items such as the Professional Air Surface Sampling Kit and Mold Remediation Starter Kit are sold on this website. Other items are sold by PMII's preferred vendors* as an exclusive benefit for currently enrolled students.

Mold Inspection
Sampling &Testing

Mold Remediation
Cleaning and Safety

Mold Remediation
Power Equipment

Moisture Meters
Humidity Meters
Video Boroscopes
Sampling Pumps
Sampling Media
Mold Chemicals
Goggles, Gloves
Tyvek suits
Containment systems
HEPA Wet/Dry Vaccums
Portable Dehumidifiers, Negative Air Scrubbers

Professional Air/Surface Sampling Kit

  • Powerful 30 LPM IAQ Pump (120 volts)
  • Integrated combination flow meter/regulator valve
  • 10 feet of Tubing
  • Bioisolation Filter
  • 52-inch Sampling Stand (collapses to 16-inches)
  • Toolbox-style Carry Case
  • 10 Air-O-Cell® Cartridges
  • 10 Mold Sampling Swabs with Containers
  • 10 Bio-Tape? Surface Samplers with Cases

Student Price: $499
Separate Purchase Price: $699

mold remediation starter kit

Mold Remediation Treatment and
Safety Equipment Starter Kit

  • MoldSTAT PLUS Concentrate
  • MoldSTAT Peroxy Kling
  • MoldSTAT Mold Protectant
  • Gilmour Hand Sprayer
  • Tyvek Coverall with hood and boots
  • Disposable Nitrile Gloves 100-Pack
  • 3M Half Faceplate Respirator
  • 3M Respirator Filter 2-Pack
  • Anti-Fog Mold Safety Goggles

Student Price: $199
Separate Purchase Price: $299

Mold Remediation Essential
Equipment Kit

Wood & Building Material Moisture Meter
(Pin probes, 6% to 40% moisture content)

Humidity Meter & Infrared Thermometer
(Remote humidity sensor, laser pointer)

Area Containment Pole System
(Extends 5 to 12 feet, 150-pound load capacity)

12 Gallon HEPA Wet/Dry Commercial Vacuum
(2-hp, 2-stage, Waterlift: 105" CFM: 110)

ULV Cold Fogger with 48" Flexible Hose
(1.5 gallon, adjustable nozzle, 20-35 microns)

15 Gallon Commercial Dehumidifier with Pump
(Pump-Out - Centrifugal Drain, 40' Hose Length)

HEPA 500 Air Scrubber / Negative Air Machine
(Two-stage filter system pre-filter, HEPA filter)

Student Price: $3,999
Separate Purchase Price: $4,999

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