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Marketing & Business Development Course

Home Inspection Marketing CourseFees: $99* | Hours: 12 | Type: Online | Enroll
when added with another Course (Reg. Price $199)

PMII's 12-hour marketing and business development course will show you exactly what you need to do to get your new mold inspection business up and running. You will learn what works (and what doesn't), so you can save time and money while quickly growing your business. During the course you will learn how to design a marketing plan that meets your business goals. You will also learn sales strategies and the confidence needed to build a referral network for long-term success.

This course is an absolute
must for anyone starting a mold inspection business or growing their business. Knowing how to market and promote what you do is just as important as learning the trade. You need to know the techniques that will help convince potential clients to choose your business from the rest. This courses teaches you how to distinguish your business from the competition and develop a marketing strategy built around your strengths and talents. You will learn business marketing concepts and how to compete during your first months in business.
home inspection marketing templates
This course will give you the decision making tools you need to start a career in mold inspection and follow the path to success while avoiding the pitfalls. The course contains a complete template package for marketing and sales including business cards, brochures, flyers, web sites, post cards, and other advertisements that you can modify to suit your needs. PHII is also there to help you customize and design your marketing message. After completing the course, you will possess the knowledge and skills needed to hit the ground running.


1. Getting Started
-Goals, Employees,
Controlling Liability
2. Marketing Concepts
-Communicating Value,
Relationship Marketing

3. Company Identity
-Mission Statement, Branding, Logos and Slogans, Customer Service, Complaints, Pricing
4. Marketing Plan
-Competition, Budgeting, Performance Analysis
5. Advertising
-Realtors, Brochures, Promotion, Public Relations
6. Sales
-Salesmanship, Persuasion, Closing the Sale

What You Will Master

Establishing a Company Identity
Identifying your Target Market
Brand Recognition, Logos, and Slogans
Customer Service and Handling Complaints
Analyzing Your Market & Pricing Your Services
Writing A Marketing Plan
Relationships with Realtors
Designing Effective Ad Copy
Public Relations and Salesmanship
Closing the Sale and much more!

Package Includes: 
Fees: $199 | Hours: 12 | Type: Online | Enroll

Online Course Access and supplemental Course CD-ROM, Online Flashcards & Testing, Certificate of Completion, Toll Free Student Support, Free $149 Membership in NAMRI, the National Association of Mold Remediators and Inspectors, Free $149 InspectHost website.

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