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HYDRA Commercial PCO Hydroxyl Generator
with Quad Optic Hydroxyl Reactor
  • Large, Filtered Air Intake
  • Powerful 500 CFM Discharge Fan
  • All Aluminum Internal Support Frame
  • Visible Blacklight Hydroxyl Reactor
  • 360-degree Wrap-Around Catalyst


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Great for Professional Odor Remediation
PCO Hydroxyl Generator with 4 Optics, Treats Up to 3,000 sq ft

BoiE Hydra Hydroxyl GeneratorsDetails:
The BoiE HYDRA Commercial harnesses the power of water through PhotoCatalytic Oxidation (PCO) technology to generate hydroxyls that safely conquer odors, break down bacterial spores and pathogens, and leave nothing but fresh, clean air.

How It Works:
Hydroxyls are the second most powerful oxidizer on earth and the primary method that nature uses to clean the atmosphere using only sunlight and water vapor. Artificially-generated hydroxyls perform the same cleansing function on indoor air and cause no harm to people, pets, plants or materials.

The compact, rugged HYDRA Commercial is equipped with a replaceable 2-stage filter that reduces odors and removes larger contaminants. The filtered air then passes through the unit's hydroxyl reactor that instantly breaks down volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and pathogens.

Odors from flooding, mold spores, cigarette smoke, fire damage, sewage spills, off gassing, body odor and decomposition are all safely broken down by a hydroxyl generator until all that remains is carbon dioxide and water

PCO hydroxyl generation, originally developed by NASA, is is ozone-free and safe to use indoors for continuous operation around people, pets and plants. The HYDRA Commercial has a 4-optic 368-nm UV-A (black light) Hydroxyl Reactor that is safe to view and can be operated in occupied areas.

The unit has a powerful 500 CFM (max) axial fan that draws air through a progressive-resistance nano-catalyst reactor. The IPX7 certified enclosure is designed for the harshest environments on the planet and can be opened for service and locked for safety. Includes a straight-blade power Inlet that accepts standard extension cords for convenience, and a GFCI outlet to daisy-chain units or connect accessories such as BoiE's Ultrasonic Hydroxyl Accelerator.

The HYDRA Commercial can be left running continuously in occupied areas for as long as it takes to remove odors and break down contaminants. The unit has the latest PCO technology including safe-to-view TiO2-coated UVA lamps rated for 5,000-hours, and BoiE's unique 360-Surround permanent nano-anatase TiO2 reactor grid to produce the highest levels of hydroxyls possible without restricting air flow.

The Take Away:
The HYDRA Commercial is great for cleaning larger spaces when the machine can be run for longer periods of time, with or without occupants or workers present. Like all hydroxyl generators, it won't damage plants or sensitive materials. At 500 CFM, the unit strikes a good balance between air changes per hour (ACH) and fan noise. It is great to run during and after a mold remediation project to kill mold spores and to help pass mold clearance testing.

Using BoiE's optional Ultrasonic Hydroxyl Accelerator accessory can turbocharge the air intake with moisture to maximize hydroxyl production in dry conditions. All BoiE products are designed by professionals for professionals to exceed, outlast and outperform the competition!

Hydroxyl Remediator Certification
(Limited Time Offer)
Your purchase includes BoiE's exclusive 32-hour, comprehensive Ozone and Hydroxyl Remediator certification course. Learn how to utilize hydroxl generation and properly apply ozone for odor removal, disinfection and restoration applications. Learn the protocols, how to identify and assess the source of odors, corrective measures and preparing treatment reports. Provides a path for starting a new business or expanding your current services. Course includes a helpful Online DVD with demonstration videos. You can enroll and simply use the course material as a reference if you don't need the certification.


  • Unbreakable, stackable 2-position rugged case
  • Padlock holes for added security
  • Folding handle for easier storage
  • IPX7/MIL-STD810F and 512.4/IP6X Certifications
  • All-aluminum internal support frame for Hydroxyl Reactor
  • Replaceable 2-stage carbon filter
  • Long-life 5,000 hour 368-nm UV-A (blacklight) with low power consumption
  • 360-surround, TiO2 Catalyst Grid allows maximum hydroxyl generation and airflow
  • Marine-grade straight blade inlet receptacle fits extension cords
  • GFCI-protected electrical outlet and internal wiring
  • Marine-grade tin-plated copper wiring
  • Waterproof heat shrink electrical crimp connectors
  • Anti-oxidant compound applied to copper wire connections
  • Overload-protected transformers
  • BoiE warranty which exceeds the industry standard


Type of Use:

Odor treatments including smoke, mold, pets and VOCs

Case Material:

Rugged polymer with stainless steel hinge pins

Case Type:

Crush-resistant, stackable, lockable, lifetime guarantee

Case Ratings:

IPX7/MIL-STD810F 512.4/IP6X Certifications


1-position, stand upright


Gunmetal Gray


3,000 sq ft with 10 ft ceilings


2-stage carbon filter


500 cubic feet per minute (CFM), Heavy-duty Aluminum, Dual Ball Bearings

Electrical Rating:

120V~60Hz 1.3 Amps


PhotoCatalytic Oxidation (PCO)


368-nm UVA nano TiO2-coated x4

PCO Reactor:

BoiE 4-Optic 360-surround Blacklight Reactor


Permanent nano-anatase TiO2 (replaceable)

Power Connection:

Straight Blade Inlet Receptacle, Marine-grade

Accessory Outlet:

Yes, GFCI-protected

Power Switch:



15 x 12 x 10 inches


15 lbs


20 ft. grounded power cord

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