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Mold Inspector / Mold Remediator Training and Certification

Course Lessons

Common Terminology
Understanding Mold
Effects on Humans
Effects on Homes
Detection Equipment
Mold Sampling
Standards of Practice
Grounds Inspection
Exterior Inspection
Structure Inspection
Plumbing Inspection
Interior Inspection
HVAC Inspection
Mold Reporting
Mold Treatment
Final Exam

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Mold Course Tour: Lesson Objectives

PHII provides well-designed instruction. All lessons begin with the objective you will learn. Each objective is aligned with a national standard of practice, so you won't spend needless time learning unnecessary information. Examples:

  1. Understand differences between Mold, Mildew, and Fungi
  2. Learn to recognize common areas affected by mold
  3. Understand how some molds attack the body
  4. Identify construction flaws that cause mold damage
  5. Use the tools needed for mold inspections
  6. Understand what method of mold sampling to use
  7. Learn standardized procedures for air sampling
  8. Identify evidence of past plumbing supply leaks
  9. Evaluate condensate drain lines for blockage
  10. Learn how professionals kill and remove mold


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