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Ozone Flex Hose Attachment Accessory

Stretches and Bends into Tight Spaces



Specially designed to attach securely to the SHOCK PRO-D and SHOCK COMPACT units to funnel ozone into vehicles, ducts and small spaces. The hose has the optimum dimensions for maximum airfow and blast ozone out the other end. The hose flange fits over the ozone discharge port and can be permanently or temporarily attached to the ozone generator case. The friction-fit hose easily slides on and off. An essentially accessory when you need to deliver ozone into a confined space while maintaining a clean supply of source air for the ozone generator.

Molded compact plastic makes for easy transportation
Hose can twist, bend and snake into a multitude of positions
Expands up to 3 times its length - from about 12 to 36-Inches
Large 4-inch hose diameter to limit airflow loss
Durable construction of polypropylene for longevity

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